Hatch Em Dino Egg - Small

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Put this dinosaur egg in water and watch it magically hatch over the next few days! Leave it in water even longer and it will continue to grow to many times its original size!  Have fun watching a growing baby dinosaur break out of its own egg! 3 inches (7.6 cm) large.

Easy to follow instructions:
1. Put the egg in a container and fill with water till water level is above egg.
2. The eggshell will slowly break after 24-48 hours, then the dinosaur will quickly come out of its shell.
3. After the eggshell is broken entirely, add new water into the container again. The dinosaur will keep expanding until about 48-72 hours.
4. You can then move the growing dinosaur to a larger container to watch them grow!!

- Make sure the water temperature is below 35'C
- Make sure the container is always full of water