2019 Walk Dinosaur Ridge with a Geologist Tour #4

08/03/2019 09:00 AM - 11:30 AM MT


  • $15.00



Have you ever wondered about the geology behind the discoveries and fossils at Dinosaur Ridge?

Join a professional geologist for a tour of Dinosaur Ridge--a 2½-hour walk and discussion of the geology and changes of the Denver area through time. This walk is part of a series running through October and begins at the Dinosaur Ridge Main Visitor Center, 16831 W. Alameda Parkway. You will be transported by van from the Visitor Center to the west side of Dinosaur Ridge for a 1½-mile walk back. The first quarter mile of the walk gains approximately 100 feet of elevation. The remaining 1¼ miles of the walk is downhill. These exclusive tours offer you private access to scientists who can give you insider secrets about all of the sites at Dinosaur Ridge.

Your tour leader will explain:

  • the Precambrian–Fountain Formation unconformity located across the valley in Red Rocks Park;
  • the missing rocks and life in between the Precambrian and the Pennsylvanian time;
  • the dinosaur fossils and environment of formation of the Jurassic Morrison Formation;
  • the volcanic ash bed in the Cretaceous Dakota Formation;
  • why there are oil and gas deposits in the Denver Basin;
  • the dinosaur track site that developed along a swamp section of the Cretaceous beach;
  • the tidal channel and associated life along other stretches of that same beach;
  • and finally, the Cretaceous interior seaway that extended across Colorado from the Arctic Ocean to the Gulf of Mexico

 Your leader will use maps that show how North America and Colorado fit into a global pattern of movements with the assembly of the supercontinent Pangea that allowed world-wide migration of dinosaurs to our continental dispersal of today.

Tour Specifics:

  • Tour is suggested for ages 16+
  • Maximum of 20 participants
  • $15 for adults 16+
  • Tour may be called off for active precipitation, temps below 32 degrees, or lack of registrations.

Your Tour Guide: Bill Stone received bachelor and master of science degrees in geology and spent a career in the petroleum industry, exploring for and developing oil and gas reserves in the U.S. Bill began guiding tours at Dinosaur Ridge in 2018 and loves sharing its geological wonders with everyone.