2019 Wild Wanderers - Dinosaur National Monument Dig Trip

10/10/2019 08:00 AM - 10/13/2019 07:00 PM MT


Dinosaur National Monument and Dig Trip - October 10 - 13, 2019

Leaving Dinosaur Ridge bright and early at 8:00 am our adventure begins as we head west to Colorado - Utah border. Arriving in the mid afternoon at the Dinosaur National Monument Visitor's Center we will have a chance to check out some of the fossils and the exhibits for a couple of hours before meeting up with our quarry owner and dino-digging expert Tyree Lamph. After dinner in town, we will venture to our various accommodations and get a good nights' sleep, hard work begins in the morning!

We arise early for a short talk from Tyree before he plunges us head first into one of three dinosaur rich sites on his private property! We will split into 3 groups: one will be screening materials for micro fossils, the next will be working in a bone bed, pulling out croc and turtle material, and the third will have a chance to jacket and remove large bones! We will switch towards the end of the day and everyone will get an overview of what to do at the next stop. After 6-8 hours of hard work exposing our finds, we will all settle down with a campfire meal from Tyree and gang! Off to bed for our next day of digging!

We awaken Saturday to the sunshine and a good stretch before heading back to work. Starting at our spots we ended at the previous day we will do a few hours of work before switching off once again. This should complete the rotation and give everyone a chance to do a bit of everything! 

After a good nights rest, we will head out on Sunday to visit the Dinosaur Journey Museum in Fruita, CO. This will be a chance for you to apply everything you have learned on the trip, by asking questions and wondering this amazing museum. We expect you all to arrive back home as Dinosaur Experts! 

**This is not a personal collection trip. All material found will be kept by the quarry owners, anything significant will be turned over to Dinosaur National Monument with your name attached to the paperwork for all eternity!                                             

Helpful Materials:                                                         

  • Camera                                                                               
  • Notebook / Pen                                                                                               
  • Sturdy, closed toe shoes/boots (required)
  • Sun Protection (hat, sunscreen, etc.)
  • Money for 1 lunch and 2 dinners on your own
  • Sun Protection (hat, sunscreen, etc.)
  • Safety Glasses / Gloves
  • Packing materials for your finds (boxes will be provided, but bubble wrap or cardboard sheets suggested)
  • Long pants / sleeve shirts (suitable for field work)


  • 18+ - Must complete waivers
  • 16 to 17 - Must complete waivers and have a guardian signature
  • 15 and under - Must be accompanied by a guardian